NL-TEC are heavily involved with the Medical Industry, particularly with imaging, where precise marking is key to successful analysis and treatment. With precision in mind, NL-TEC have now teamed up with Suremark Precision Skin Marking Systems to deliver high quality, and reliable imaging assistance.

Suremark marking and labelling systems have been tailored to the needs of their users. The superior line of labels and the finest quality and most comprehensive LATEX-FREE skinmarker placements are the top of the range.

From Suremark’s advanced label adhesive to their precise marker placement, Suremark® labels are guaranteed to be the best performing markers in the market. You can be confident that all Suremark® labels will stay where you put them, the first time, and show up clearly and consistently in your x-ray films.

And as the first company in the world to develop and offer a complete line of environmentally safe, NON-METALLIC precision skin markers to the medical industry, Suremark® continues its innovation with the introduction of Clearline™ low-density line.

Despite their superior performance, Suremark® labels are easy on your budget. Through uncovering numerous ways to improve efficiency, Suremark are able to offer substantial savings over competing brands. And all Suremark® labels are backed by an unconditional money back guarantee.

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