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RxCarbon™ Poly 

RxCarbon™ Poly, an innovative solution for preventing hazardous drug surface contamination. With its activated carbon technology, RxCarbon Poly effectively sequesters and adsorbs hazardous drugs, reducing exposure risks associated with surface contamination. These wipes are designed not only to absorb spills but also to deactivate hazardous drugs, thanks to the proprietary activated Carbon RP718.



Features and benefits

Featuring layers of RP718 pharmaceutical grade activated carbon, RxCarbon Poly serves as an absorbent pad that can be placed on surfaces or used as a wipe for spills. Its protective capabilities extend to various healthcare settings, including transport, storage, compounding, and infusions. By virtually eliminating cross-contamination of liquid hazardous drugs, RxCarbon Poly ensures the safety of healthcare workers, patients, and the public.

With a spill capacity of 150 ml and compliance with ISO 9073-10 and BS EN 13795 standards for low lint and particulate matter, RxCarbon Poly offers reliable performance. Independent test results from EAG Laboratories demonstrate RP718’s hazardous drug deactivation efficacy, showing a success rate of over 97%.

In Summary – RxCarbon Poly features an absorbent pad with layers of RP718 pharmaceutical grade activated carbon to effectively adsorb hazardous drug waste.  An impermeable Poly Backing and sealed border provide an extra level of protection, (PPE) for employees and surfaces.

Simple to use – place RxCarbon Poly on the surface, and hazardous drugs will be absorbed/adsorbed, preventing surface contamination.

Protection – Protects healthcare workers, patients and the public from hazardous oncology liquids.  RxCarbon is highly recommended for use during Medical Oncology treatment.

RxCarbon Poly is the only barrier pad and surface protection pad offering Hazardous Drugs deactivation and absorption.


RxCarbon Poly – Instructions for use

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