Ohm Octave Tuning Fork Set w/Activator

Product Code: OHM-OCT

This bestselling package includes Mid Ohm (136.1 hz) and Low Ohm (68.05 hz) Tuning Forks, Activator, plus 4-panel Instructional Booklet. Photos show how to correctly hold, activate and apply tuning forks. Instructions include an overview of Sound Healing, information about octaves and overtones, and recommended applications, including treatment for lower back/sacrum. Use each tuning fork individually, as well as together (Ohm Octave). Three options in one set, a great way to begin exploring Sound Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks!

The Low-Ohm Tuning Fork has a deep and earthy reverberating quality, while the Mid-Ohm Tuning Fork is calming and balancing. Together, these tuning forks produce the Ohm Octave, a grounding and energizing musical interval. Use on tight muscles, reflex and acu-points to loosen stuck or rigid energy while opening the energetic pathways or meridians of the body