MIM Maestro

Product Code: MIM-FSCOCA-CC - MAE

MIM understand your need to provide the best patient care possible and have developed the tools to help you get there. MIM Maestro® provides a comprehensive set of oncology tools that are not available in treatment planning systems. From the initial SIM to the final treatment report, and everything in between, MIM will complement your TPS and enhance your patient care.

The Assistant: Automates all series-level tasks by providing clear and concise control of functions that are traditionally manual and error-prone. Easily implemented filters automatically direct actions by referencing DICOM tags. Rules can be set up to be time-based or event-based to accommodate all incoming series.

MIM Premier: A purpose-built solution designed to automate and standardise every step of your pre-planning workflow — from simulation to treatment planning.

Contour Protégé AI: Auto-contouring is an ideal use case for deep learning algorithms because it is one of the most time-consuming clinical tasks. Contour ProtégéAI pushes the capabilities of auto-contouring forward. Deep learning algorithms optimised and automated by MIM make contouring more efficient without sacrificing accuracy

SureCalc MonteCarlo: Provides next-generation plan second check QA and adaptive therapy assessment with ART Assist™. Developed in partnership with Radialogica, MIM SureCalc MonteCarlo utilises an advanced Monte Carlo algorithm powered by SciMoCa™.

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