Mid and Low Luna Tuning Fork Set

Product Code: LUNA-SET

The LUNA Octave Set includes Mid and Low Luna Tuning Forks (210.42 hz & 105.21 hz). 4-panel packaging card features detailed instructions for use, including photos.

It is widely accepted the moon rules the water element. Our bodies are primarily water and naturally responsive to lunar influences. Because of this relationship, the Luna Tuning Forks are recommended to treat conditions of fluid retention, sinus and lung congestion, arthritis and chronic joint pain.

The addition of the Luna Tuning Forks is a natural extension for the Ohm Therapeutics Sound Healing system. The moon rules the water element, thus affecting the ebb and flow of the earth’s tides, as well as constitutional fluids of the body. The Planetary 5th introduces the second most prevalent interval after the octave, and provides unique opportunities for the healing arts practitioner. Like Ohm, Luna works with the innate intelligence of the body, dispelling excess and nourishing deficiencies, to bring balance and homeostasis