Lighted Forceps

The Bionix Lighted Forceps for foreign body removal is a small, single-use forceps with light and magnification. This innovative new tool for primary and acute care physicians can be used for the removal of any unwanted substance or objects from the ear or nose. The Lighted Forceps is an extension of the innovative, award winning Lighted Ear Curette with Magnification product line.


Features and benefits

  • Visualisation – A brilliant white light is projected to the tip of the curette, illuminating even the most difficult to see ear canals. The magnification lens enhances the view of the ear canal to visualise the cerumen.
  • Safety – Illumination and magnification improve procedural accuracy and avoid the risk of injury from blind curettage with stainless steel curettes.
  • Saves Time – Visualisation of the ear allows the physician to quickly and efficiently remove cerumen from the ear canal.
  • Convenience – Eliminates the need to use a separate light source or magnification device in an attempt to enhance visualisation.
  • Single Patient Use Tips – Reduces the risk of cross contamination and eliminates the time, labour and costs associated with re-sterilising steel curettes.