Klarity White Masks

Masks, S-frame, Gamma Masks, U-frame Masks, open face, Reinforced mask, Brainlab, H&N, head and neck

Available for S-type, U-frame, P-type, and Stereotactic masks

  • Original thermoplastic
  • Open face design
  • 3.2mm thickness
  • Fast set-up for a strong thermoplastic mask.
  • Less sticky than other standard thermoplastics.

Molding time: 45-60 seconds
Cooling time: 8-10 minutes

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Features and benefits

  • Efficient dry-heat technology to optimize workflow and maximize safety
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Ovens warm up quickly and heat masks in minutes
  • Simple interface for temperature setting
  • The AirFlow Oven heats masks in 3-5 minutes and is the fastest oven available today.
  • Significantly reduced risk of bacterial infection
  • Thermoplastics come out of the oven completely dry and ready to be formed.
  • Non-stick surface / racks and easy to clean