Klarity Green Masks

Masks, S-frame, Gamma Masks, U-frame Masks, open face, Reinforced mask, Brainlab, H&N, head and neck

Available for S-type, U-frame, O-type, P-type, V-type, E-type, Proton Therapy, and Stereotactic masks

Klarity’s signature thermoplastic
Less shrinkage and non-stick, so edges can be pulled apart if they connect
2.4mm or 3.2mm thickness
Open face and Closed face design
Recommended thermoplastic for most applications.
Klarity Green® features a slightly longer working-time (30 extra seconds). This means therapists don’t have to rush and can create a more carefully molded mask
Comfortable patient experience.

Molding time: 2-3 minutes
Cooling time: 10-12 minutes

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