Gold Markers And Pre Waxed NeedlesGold Markers And Pre Waxed Needles

Gold Fiducial Markers and Pre Waxed Needles

The use of Implanted Fiducial Gold Markers is now standard procedure for external beam radiotherapy treatment of the prostate.

Treatment margins can be reduced with image-based verification and correction for the prostate position. This ensures precision targeted radiation and reduces the dose to surrounding normal tissues (e.g. rectal wall, bladder).

Gold markers are clearly visible on CT and MR scans and can be used for CT-MR fusion for improved delineation of the prostatic gland.

Gold Fiducial Markers do not migrate within the prostate (Poggi, IJROBP 2000; Pouliot, UCSF, IJROBP 2003; Van der Heide, IJROBP 2007)

The combination of Endorectal Balloon (ERB) and Gold Marker based correction protocols are used to reduce rectal toxicity.

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