Enteral Feed Tube DeCloggers

Various enteral nutrition therapies are practiced in long-term care environments, therefore clogging of Gastrostomy tubes (G), Jejunostomy tubes (J) and and Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) tubes occurs over periods of time. This creates problems for both patients and care-givers. In the past, care-givers have improvised time consuming home-remedies in order to clear clogged tubes. These methods include, but are not limited to meat tenderisers, cranberry juice and carbonated soft drinks. The results have been mixed and in some cases a tube puncture has caused intestinal perforations that require patients be sent to emergency centres for tube replacement procedures.

Bionix recognised this problem and developed a solution using a basic screw thread design. There is now a full line of Bionix Tube DeCloggers that can quickly and effectively bore through and dislodge blockages that form in G, J & PEG enteral feeding tubes. Due to its ease of use and affordability, many long-term care providers find the routine use of the DeClogger prevents clogs from forming.

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Features and benefits

  • Clears tubes in as little as 2 minutes, eliminating long interruptions in your patients feeding or medication schedule.
  • Reduces need for costly tube replacements.
  • Safe, flexible plastic design that conforms to the feeding tube, greatly reducing the risk of puncture
  • Available in five unique sizes and lengths to fit different feeding tubes.
  • Features safety stop disk to prevent over-insertion.

Product Offering:
DeClogger is available in five different French sizes and two lengths.