Disposable Nasal Speculums

The design of the single-use Speculum allows easy extraction of foreign objects easily from the nasal cavity. A careful examination will reveal the presence of the foreign body, which is then removed under direct visualisation, spreading the nares with the Disposable Speculum and using forceps to grasp and remove the object. Foreign objects in the nose must be removed because of the possibility of aspirating these objects into the lungs.

The Bionix Disposable Speculum provides an easy to use, single-use alternative to conventional metal nasal specula.

Please note this product is not certified with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Features and benefits

  • Comfort – smooth, warm tips are more comfortable and less alarming than the stainless steel speculums for the the patient.
  • Safer – the tips of the Bionix Speculum are rounded to prevent irritation.
  • Improved Visibility – the Bionix Speculum allows for a superior view of the nasal cavity.
  • Save Time & Money – less expensive than steel speculums, plus there is no sterilization costs or time spent sterilisation the equipment.
  • Convenience – each Disposable Speculum is individually packaged, therefore reducing the threat of cross-contamination.

How to Use:
Insert Speculum into the cavity.
Gently squeeze handle, opening speculum.
Perform procedure as necessary.
Discard after use (Single patient use only).