Brass Mesh Bolus

Product Code: 489-600

Brass mesh bolus can be used for post-mastectomy chest walls using 4Mv and 6Mv photons.

If a gap appears between the breasts and the mesh bolus when placed on the chest, use a piece of double sided tape between the breasts to secure the brass mesh in place.

When wrapping the brass mesh bolus around the sides of a chest wall, use the Spandage (Items 674-308 through 674-312), gauze or Clear Plastic Wrap to hold the brass mesh against the skin to prevent hanging gaps.

Spandage Item
674-308 Medium
674-311 XX Large
674-312 3XL

If you are using 15MV or 18MV, there might be neutron activation. Like all new products, the Physics team must perform tests with the bolus before clinical use.

The Brass Mesh Bolus can be cut with an Aviation Snips (Item 878-738). Brass mesh bolus is now coated in a non-reflective lacquer (spray paint). This ensures that there is very little reflection from the bolus when using Vision RT or C-RAD Positioning. The material has a thickness of 1.45 mm and Tissue Equivalency of 2mm.


Brass Mesh Bolus should be washed and rinsed twice to eliminate any soap residue on the mesh. Please contact our team for further information about cleaning requirements.

Sterilization by Autoclave:
Put Brass Mesh between two pieces of material or place inside a pillow case. Hold the ends of the mesh inside the pillow case so the mesh hangs flat, then lay it down and roll the mesh up to sterilize in the autoclave. This method prevents mesh from touching or sticking to itself, which can wear down the mesh material

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Material: Brass
Size: 45cm x 50cm
Colour: Off-White
Brass Density: 0.25 g/cm3
Thickness: 1.5 mm
Equivalent to 2mm of tissue