Bionix SecureVac Cushion

Vacfix, Vacbags, Vacuum Bag, Vac, VacQfix, Vac Cushion

SecureVac Cushions are reusable, vacuum-formed cushions for patient stabilisation. The wide range of shapes and sizes allow for custom immobilisation of the patient’s extremities, head and whole body.

T-Shape Vacabgs specifially designed by RT’s for Brest/ Chest positioning are also available with 2 different fill types.

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Features and benefits

  • Constructed from a durable nylon and filled with small polystyrene spheres.
  • Maintain their shape throughout the treatment cycle
  • Compatible with a variety of adapters for indexing.
  • In-built Antimicrobial Protection which exhibits long lasting efficacy against cross-contamination during storage and after patient interaction