eXaSkin - High Density Bolus

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eXaSkin - High Density Bolus
eXaSkin - High Density Bolus
eXaSkin - High Density Bolus
eXaSkin - High Density Bolus

eXaSkin is the only High Density Bolus -HDB on the market well suited for treating surface tumours using photons. With eXaSkin, it is possible to avoid the use of electron beams in treating this type of tumours. However, when eXaSkin is used in combination with electron beams, it drastically reduces their toxicity.

eXaSkin is presented in an easily manageable paste format. Applied at room temperature it adapts to any surface region of the body and solidifies in less than two minutes. It is especially recommended for treating highly critical regions (neck, ear, face, genitals, etc.), does not cause local toxicity (dermatitis) and does not require complex applicators for its use.

Additionally, eXaSkin can be used as a SUBMASK to achieve a perfect immobilisation of Head & Neck. Its combination with eXaFrame and our protocols, it is possible to avoid hair loss in metastatic brain tumours treatments.

The analysis of comparative graphics of PDD curves with RC films for eXaSkin shows:

  • The complete elimination of "building-up" areas for 6 MV photon beams
  • That eXaSkin is calculable (accordance with data calculated in TPS)

Features & Benefits

  • Moldable at room temperature
  • It fully adapts to the skin
  • It solidifies in two minutes
  • It is compatible with thermoplastic elements
  • Minimal retraction and dehydration
  • It is calculable in planners
  • It requires less thickness than conventional bolus