The Klarity AirFlow™ Oven

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The Klarity AirFlow™ Oven

Efficient dry-heat technology to optimize workflow and maximize safety

Product Code: KEL 2200 (220 volt)

Klarity Ovens are a simple and easy-to-use heating method for all masks, AccuCushions® and other thermoplastic devices. Klarity dry-heat systems meet today’s need for extra precautions to reduce cross contamination during patient care. By using convection heat to prepare thermoplastics, we have removed the need for water baths, mitigating the risk of bacterial infection. The result is a safer, more effective heating method.

The Klarity AirFlow™ Oven heats up in 6 minutes, and can be used with all standard thermoplastics. Non-stick Teflon racks allow masks to be placed directly on the rack for easy preparation. A simple interface automatically sets the oven to 165˚F (74˚C), and can be manually adjusted as well. The AirFlow Oven heats masks in 3-5 minutes and is the fastest oven available today.

Thermoplastics come out of the oven completely dry and ready to be formed. Klarity ovens remove unnecessary patient discomfort caused by water, allowing you to provide a better care experience for your patient.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Significantly reduced risk of bacterial infection
  • Ovens warm up quickly and heat masks in minutes
  • Non-stick surface and easy to clean


  • Outer dimensions: 31.5w x 30.5d x 17h  in (80w x 77d x 43h cm)
  • Inner dimensions: 25w x 19d x10h in (64w x 48d x 25h cm)
  • 2# Shelves
  • 88lbs (40kg)