Qfix Encompass SRS Device

SRS, HyperArc, H&N, head and neck, Brain
Product Code: RT-4600-01

The Encompass™ SRS Immobilization System is a highly advanced, non-invasive immobilization solution designed for stereotactic radiosurgery treatments.

Encompass™ utilizes a posterior thermoplastic and anterior open view mask compatible with optical tracking systems. The Encompass™ SRS Fibreplast® Variable Perf™ System features IntegraBite™, which reduces motion, allowing for maximum dose to the tumour while minimizing radiation delivered to the surrounding healthy tissue.

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Features and benefits

  • Combined SRS Fibreplast® System and Encompass Device allows for high precision immobilization device with sub-millimetre accuracy for stereotactic radiosurgery.
  • Integrated Shim System™ provides a 4 mm range of height adjustments
  • Provides positioning and immobilization for treatment of multiple lesions with a single isocentre.
  • Optimizes workflow efficiencies and increases patient throughput.
  • Optional IntegraBite™ System easily moulds into the Fibreplast® mask, which conforms to the teeth of maxilla, further decreasing head and neck rotation, flexion and extension.
  • Open View Thermoplastic System reduces patient anxiety and allows for intra-fraction positioning verification utilizing optical tracking systems
  • Compatible with Elekta® HexaPOD™


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