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Encompass SRS Fibreplast Masks are made from the most rigid thermoplastic material available, providing anterior and posterior cranial support.

Fibreplast is 50% more rigid than standard thermoplastics.
Variable Perf pattern maximizes rigidity and reduces bolus effects.

Integrated Shim™​ System
Innovative Integrated Shim System provides a 4 mm range of height adjustment utilizing discrete 0.5 mm incrments to optimize immobilization. Independent height adjustments can be made for a completely customizable solution.

Pull up to unlock the pin
Rotate the pin to the desired height adjustment
Depress the pin to lock
Eliminates the need for mask removal to adjust shim height

Optional IntegraBite Bite Positioner easily molds into the Fibreplast mask; which conforms to the teeth further decreasing head and neck rotation, flexion and extension.

The low profile bite plate minimizes the potential of obstructing beam angles.
Rigid immobilization.
Ensures repeatable positioning and maximum access to the patient from various angles.
Decreases head & neck rotation.
Simple & easy to use.

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