Lighted Suction

Bionix has combined the innovation of the Lighted Ear Curette with the efficiency of a suction device. This combination provides the ability to quickly remove cerumen or foreign bodies with the utmost ease and safety.

NL-Tec has sourced a pump that is compatible with the Lighted Suction Tips. The voltage of the Bionix pump is not suitable for Australian mains outlets.



Features and benefits

  • Versatility – Removal of soft, viscous cerumen or large plugs. Also effective for foreign bodies.
  • Light and Magnification – Light projected to the tip of the suction handle, enhanced by magnification, provides the most important aspect of any procedure: complete visualisation.
  • Suction – Suction as a tool eliminates the top down sweeping motion of a curettage procedure reducing the risk of trauma to the ear canal.
  • Safety – Thumb controlled suction release on the handle provides procedural safety.
  • Single Patient Use Tips – Reduces the risk of cross contamination and eliminates the time, labour and costs associated with re-sterilising steel curettes.


Pump Specs
Suction Pump 30 Litre 240 Volt
Weight: 3.6kg
Dimensions: 350 x 210 (h) x 180mm
Standard Accessories: Tubes Set 6x10mm
Probe Connector
Aspiration Probe CH20
Antibacterial Filter
Aspiration Jar 1000cc