A simple, yet effective solution for a continuous spray system. The new Aquabot is a simple, yet effective pressure spray bottle system that attaches the OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tips at the end of the device, creating a continuous and safe spray for ear irrigation procedures. Healthcare professionals can operate this system with ease through a simple pump and push release motion that offers an uninterrupted spray process.

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Features and benefits

OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tip:

  • Improved Patient comfort – soft, Gentle Touch design.
  • Safety – directs water flow away from the tympanic membrane at a 30° angle for increased efficacy, virtually eliminating the risk of rupture.
  • Convenience – Flared-tip eliminates fear of over-insertion into ear canal.
  • Saves Time – exit portals prohibit pressure build-up and direct drainage into an ear basin, eliminating back splash and reducing clean up time.

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