The Deltabit Medi System

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The Deltabit Medi System

Fingerprint-Based Radiotherapy Patient Identification System

Using fingerprint technology to add Safety, Certainty and Security when matching Radiotherapy Patients to the correct treatment plan.

The linear accelerator cannot be switched on without verifying that the correct plan has been selected with a simple swipe of the patient’s finger

Authenticating the patient with their unique fingerprint eliminates the risk of incorrect patient treatment and offers the most reliable identification

More than a million identifications have been performed using Deltabit Medi without a single error

Patient identification you can trust: Deltabit Medi identifies people, not barcodes or tags. That’s why you can be sure that every treated patient is exactly the right one.

Compatible with your systems:  Deltabit Medi is fully compatible with most radiotherapy systems. Everything happens automatically and without extra hassle.

Nothing to remember, nothing to carry: Minimal stress since the only thing needed is a finger. No hassle, nothing visible to others and nothing that can get lost.

Fingerprint registration
Fingerprint-based identification requires storage of a high-quality fingerprint alongside other patient data. The
Fingerprint is registered during treatment planning.

Basic patient information is stored in the treatment system linked to Deltabit Medi, such as Aria or Mosaiq, so Deltabit Medi Manager is used only for managing patients’ fingerprints.
The whole fingerprint registration process is very simple and takes only 1–3 minutes.

Verification of patient identity
The patient is identified before each treatment session, typically at the entrance to the linear accelerator room.

When a patient’s treatment plan is opened in the treatment delivery system, the Deltabit Medi Identification application automatically enters identification mode. When a correct fingerprint is identified, the linear accelerator may be started.

Check-in for the waiting room
With Deltabit Medi Waiting Room, patients can check in for their treatment session.

Checking in is simple with this application: the patient touches the fingerprint reader and check-in is complete.
When the patient has checked in, the information is registered in the treatment system’s scheduler application automatically and the personnel can readily see who is waiting in the waiting room.

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