Alcare Moldcare Cushions

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Alcare Moldcare Cushions
Alcare Moldcare Cushions

Customised Patient Immobilisation Brace

Reproduce, preserve and immobilise the Patient's ideal posture during radiotherapy

MOLDCARE RI II is made with a low specific gravity base material and can be used in dose distribution measurements through CT-Simulation and Therapeutic Procedures.

MOLDCARE RI II can be modified according to each patient's prognosis by carefully adjusting the temperature and quantity of water applied.

State of the Art Modelling Techniques provide Optimum Speed and Accuracy.

Reduce Treatment Time and Improve Patients' Quality of Life.

Volumetric change by use of an autoclave
(Sterilise and reduction in waste volume)

Product Name Type Product Code Specification Contents per Pack
MOLDCARE RI II-HN 0.5 93066 20cm x 15cm 1 Pce
1 94741 20cm x 25cm 1 Pce
2 93742 20cm x 45cm 1 Pce
UT 94521 Head and Shoulders 1
E 94512 20cm x 34cm 1
TR 94232 Trapezoid Shape
Upper Base: 5cm
Lower Base: 58cm
Height: 65cm
1 Pce
MOLDCARE RI II - BR 1 93821 40cm x 60cm 1 Pce
3 93822 60cm x 60cm 1 Pce