Access ClearVue Prone Breast Device

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Access ClearVue Prone Breast Device
Access ClearVue Prone Breast Device

earVue™ is a light‐weight carbon fibre add‐on table for the simulation and treatment of breast cancer patients in the prone position. With clear advantages over traditional supine position treatment, prone breast radiotherapy is clearly on the rise. The benefits of prone position breast cancer treatment include:

  • Increasing the distance between the target and surrounding critical organs
  • Minimizing or eliminating target motion caused by breathing
  • Reducing radiation dose to organs such as the lung and heart
  • More precise dose to the intended target
  • Precise patient positioning and open access to the breast

ClearVue™ is unique in its ability to provide full visual access to the anatomy for precise set‐up and treatment delivery. The open design enables the clinician to plan a treatment from multiple angles and to utilise more complex techniques that are already in use as cancer therapies for other anatomies. The carbon fibre design allows treatment through the table in addition to horizontal and vertical indexing for table and patient alignment. Access™ ClearVue™ Prone Breast Device artifact reducing inserts significantly reduce the shadow effect created by visual artifacts.

Patient Comfort is Key

No compression on cushion = patient comfort (also note heart is way out of the field). To2 increase patient comfort, the ergonomic cushion profile equally distributes the patient’s weight and minimises pressure around the breast opening.

Optional Accessories

Optional built‐in Lasers increase accuracy and reproducibility by allowing breast triangulation, while a range of inserts accommodate differences in size. There is also an option to use Vac Lock technology to immobilize the patient and further improve daily reproducibility.