Access™ Supine Breast & Lung - without Grid

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Access™ Supine Breast & Lung - without Grid

Access™ Supine Breast & Lung - without Grid is a lightweight, one-piece device designed to comfortably treat both breast and lung patients. The angulation ladder system, quickly and securely indexes patients at 0, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, and 15 degree angles. Additional ladder angles, 20 and 25 degree are sold separately. An easily indexable foam bottom stopper is designed to maximize patient comfort and reduce the tendency of the patients sliding down the angled surface.


  • Lightweight
  • Foam bottom stopper reduces the tendency of the patient sliding and maximizes comfort
  • ArmShuttle™ Elite is an excellent alternative for patients with limited mobility
  • Optional arm and wrist supports have memory foam for increased patient comfort and are removable for easy cleaning
  • Memory foam headrest is lightweight, while maintaining patient comfort
  • Robust angulation ladder system for variable treatment angles
  • Multiple indexing holes allow the device to be offset for flexibility in treatment
  • Tail bone pad to increase patient comfort

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Code Description
RT-4551BAR Locating Bar
RT-4551BAR-01 Sliding Locating Bar
RT-4546L 20 & 25 Degree Supine Ladders *Sold as a set
RT-4546AA-01 Access Arm Support
RT-4546AW-01 Access Wrist Support
RT-4546H Foam Headrest
RT-4543WALL Qfix Wall Mount
RT-4551CART Storage Cart
RT-4546-03 PORTRAIT Head Only Adapter
RT-4546-04 PORTRAIT Head & Shoulder Adapter
Leg Roller Positioner
RT-4474-8 Leg Roll Positioner, 60cm x20cm
RT-4474-6 Leg Roll Positioner, 60cm x 15cm