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ScandiDos - Delta4

ScandiDos, the world’s leader in Dosimetry, has developed the Delta4, which is an innovative 3D and 4D volumetric dosimetry system. The Delta4PT Pre-Treatment system is globally recognised as the Gold Standard of QA for treatment techniques such as IMRT, Varian’s RapidArc®, Elekta’s VMAT, and Philips’ SmartArc. With the introduction of Delta4AT for patient-specific At-Treatment QA, the Delta4 now covers all QA requirements from treatment plan to the last delivered fraction.

The Delta4 concept has been developed to be compatible with todays and tomorrows advanced radiation therapy modalities.

Accuracy & Quality

Modern radiation therapy technologies such as IMRT, VMAT and TomoTherapy create complex composite dose distributions that are specific for each patient. To verify that the planned dose is delivered correctly, the QA system must measure the dose with much higher accuracy than the calculation accuracy in the planning system. This can only be achieved by actually measuring the dose - both the direct and the indirect contribution from all beams in each fixed position – with high spatial resolution and high resolution in dose.

Confidence based on real measurements

  • Real Measurements - The dose is measured with the highest accuracy in the tumour and high gradient region
  • Instantly Analyse and Approve plans - Direct measurements eliminates additional processing of data
  • Clinical Significance of Deviations - Use 3D tools to find out where deviations are
  • Quick and Powerful Analysis - Use 4D tools to find when in the delivery sequence deviations occur

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