Breath Hold ES

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Breath Hold ES

Innovative Biofeedback Based Control

Highly effective, easy and convenient, Breath Hold ES delivers new precision for radiation therapy procedures involving the chest and upper abdomen, where respiratory motion is an ongoing challenge. Breath Hold ES combines an expandable bellows system, pressure-sensitive transducer tube that wraps around the patient’s chest and an LED display. During both radiotherapy planning and treatment, the device allows visualisation of the respiratory cycle as a pattern of lights. This feedback effectively guides the patient towards a consistent pre-selected breath-hold position or a reproducible, shallow respiratory pattern.


  • Restricts tumour mobility, resulting in reduced treatment volumes
  • Comfortable for the patient and does not hinder treatment setup
  • Often accelerates procedure time compared to traditional gating technologies
  • Reliable and accurate feedback on respiratory motion
  • Easy to use and allows the patient to be proactively involved in their daily treatment
  • Easily adapted into daily treatment procedures
  • Compatible with any Linac or CT system
  • Can also be used during interventional radiology or MRI procedures.
  • Affordable pricing

Light-weight and portable, Breath Hold ES can be shared between therapy suites. After using the device,
many patients report feeling empowered through active involvement in breathing control and the therapy process.


Bellows Belt

Contracts and expands around the chest/abdomen with patient breathing.


Wireless LED Display

Visualizes respiratory air pressure as a series of lights to guide the patient through pre-selected breath holds or reproducible shallow breathing.


Measurement Tool

Quantifies expansion of the bellows belt to enable reproduction of settings from SIM to treatment and between treatment days.


Base Unit

Wirelessly connects to the bellows belt to measure air pressure and enable LED light display.


Flexible positioning arm that attaches to the treatment couch to hold the remote LED display, to enable easy patient viewing. Various mounting options available to accommodate all table designs.