Ear Toilet Package

Ear Toilet Package

The Ear Toilet Pack is a valuable unit for any practice.

The pack assists in removal of built up ear wax and foreign bodies and is ideal for GP's and ENT's as it allows easy movement and vision of the affected area.

The Pack comes in Basic or Pro form and includes your microscope, suction Unit, suction tubes, suction controller, ear speculum and 12ml ear clear solution.

Use of this pack enables claim of Medicare #41647 which benefits your practices cash flow greatly and offers your patients superior care.

Includes 12 Months Parts Warranty

Ear Toilet Package includes:

  • Alltion YSX101 LED Operation Microscope with straight binocular
  • Tongye Suction Unit
  • Sim Micro Cannula
  • Ear Speculum Gruber Set Of 4
  • Ear Clear Wax Remover 12ml

Massive Medicare Rebate – 41647

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