Klarity KBS

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Klarity KBS
Klarity KBS

Klarity® KBS are ideal for all upper extremity splints, bases for dynamic splints and positioning splints where an intimate fit is required. Makes great immobilization splints, especially for the hand, wrist and fingers

Features & Benefits

  • MEMORY Moderate memory. Will spring back slightly while warm.
  • RTS Moderate to maximum resistance to stretch. Can be stretched and pulled around curves without thinning or growing out of control. Able to position limb and aggressively hold and stretch material to form splints.
  • DRAPE Moderate drape. Takes on the contours of the hand for an intimate fit using only moderate pressure.
  • Thinner material follows the curves of the hand and fingers with minimal handling.
  • RIGIDITY Maximum rigidity. Splints will hold their shape against the pull of strong dynamic components and against hypertonicity.
  • BONDING Uncoated KBS provides a slightly sticky surface when warm to keep material in place for an intimate fit.
  • SURFACE FINISH Resists fingerprints when handled lightly. Lightly heat and rub to remove marks. Self-sealing cut edges remain smooth, closed and rounded even when reheated.
  • LATEX FREE Skin friendly without sensitization, and environment friendly with self-degration.
Klarity KBS Size Thickness Perforation Packing
KBS-3200A 460x610mm 3.2mm Solid 4 sheets per box
KBS-3200 920x610mm 3.2mm Solid 5 sheets per box
KBS-3201A 460x610mm 3.2mm 1% 4 sheets per box
KBS-3201 920x610mm 3.2mm 1% 5 sheets per box
KBS-3205A 460x610mm 3.2mm 5% 4 sheets per box
KBS-3205 920x610mm 3.2mm 5% 5 sheets per box