LAP Ultraline Laser

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LAP Ultraline Laser

The UltraLine diode laser projects lines that are clearly visible, even in daylight. With its innovative optic design, the UltraLine laser solves two problems normally associated with line lasers.

It projects a brighter, equally distributed line over the whole work piece and the line starts immediate below the mounting position. This is a tremendous advantage when installing the laser in low mounting positions on machines with mechanical limitations, such as veneer sheers, panel sizing saws or edgers.


  • Industrial Line Laser
  • Alignment and positioning
  • Asymmetrical beam emission for perfect lines
  • Equal beam visibility over the line length
  • Housed in a strong aluminium monoblock case


  • Multi-axes adjustment
  • Fast Installation Compact design
  • Highly resistant against mains transient and power variations
  • No light loss
  • Equal beam visibility over line length

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