LAP LD Series Laser

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LAP LD Series Laser

LD Series Lasers project spots or lines that are clearly visible in daylight. The LD-Series optics produce a high quality collimated beam that can be focused to adjust the spot size or line width to suit the application and distance. The Laser diode, collimating lens and electronic circuitry are housed in a sturdy, cylindrical aluminium case.

The compact size of these diode lasers makes them ideal for applications where space is limited such as installation within existing machinery. Each unit has built-in protection against over-voltage and reverse polarity, along with a soft start function and a keyed industrial connector.


  • Focusable
  • Line, spot, crosshair lasers
  • Small housing
  • Output Power 1 - 30 mW


  • Protected from voltage variations
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • 5 V input voltage

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