ULT Jumbo MED Viral Filter Trolley

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ULT Jumbo MED Viral Filter Trolley
ULT Jumbo MED Viral Filter Trolley

Protecting Medical Practitioners and Patients against infection with the Safe Removal of COVID-19 Particles and other Airborne Viruses, Bacteria and Pollutants.

ULT ULPA U15 Viral filter: Multi-stage, high efficiency, long lasting viral filter that has been tested and certified to EN 1822-1 Standards

Advantages: Powerful, Portable, Ultra Quiet, Hands-free

Dental Application:

  • Airborne contaminants from dental applications pose a health risk to patients and medical personnel
  • A mixture of fine droplets, viruses and bacteria is being released into ambient air during dental procedures
  • A simple face mask does not offer enough protection for the dentist, dental nurse or patient
  • The by-products are also contaminating equipment, clothes and furniture
  • These pollutants must therefore be removed directly at the point of origin as efficiently as possible

Other area of application: Personal Air Locks, Offices, Hospitals, Communal Areas in Public Facilities, Waiting Rooms in Medical Practices or Clinics